192.168 10.1 Router’s Login – Basic Speed And Antennae Details!

When it comes to investing in routers for the very first time, there are a number of things that you need to consider. From the speed of the routers to the variety in antennas to frequency types, you need to select from a huge variety. This makes the whole selecting process quite hectic, but with the right guidance, you can proceed in the right direction. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the use of the private IP address like 192.168 10.1 in a prominent way so that you can face limited errors.

Here we are discussing the essentials linked to routers that every user should know. This basic information will let you get a basic idea of what will be best for you.


If you are thinking about faster internet speed here, then you are purely wrong as that thing is totally dependent on the bandwidth plan. Here are the topmost speeds available in routers:

  • Wired Speed:

Talking about the first category of wired routers, you will get two options underneath this. The first one is the router with standard Ethernet ports, and the next one is the router with Gigabit Ethernet ports. The only difference between the two is you can enjoy a speed of 10 Mbps to 100 Mbps under the category of routers with standard Ethernet ports, whereas the router with Gigabit Ethernet ports gives you speeds ranging from 10 Mbps to 1000 Mbps.

  • Wireless Speed:

The wireless speed gives you speed that can vary depending on the connection plan as well as the ISP.


A router comes with multiple sets of antennae, and you can pick any depending on the features you want to enjoy.


These types of routers are ideal for home users, and you can enjoy a good speed to stream content up to 150 Mbps.

  • Dual External Antennae Routers:

These are perfect for small spaces. Hence if you have a small living space or a small office, then this can be a perfect option for you. Perfect for media streaming and gaming with a speed of around 750 Mbps.

  • Triple External Antennae Routers:

These routers with three antennae are used in homes or offices, and you can enjoy a good speed of Up to 1.7 Gbps under this category.

  • Quad External Antennae Routers:

If you have a large office space or a home with four to five rooms, then this is the right ick for you. With around 2.3 Gbps wireless speed, you can enjoy multi-device 4k streaming with this router.

  • Six External Antenna Routers:

For extra-large homes and offices, these routers are perfect as they support a wireless speed of 3.2 Gbps. You can enjoy hassle-free 4K streaming, real-time monitoring, etc.


Other than the external antennae, there is another category of routers, i.e., routers with internal antenna. This antenna of this router is not visible to users.

All in all, the above-mentioned details regarding speed and antennae of routers will give you some sort of basic details, but the main thing is to use the right IP address 192.168 10.1, or others.